Leitech Digi Gauge - Digital Thread Depth Gauge
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Leitech Digi Gauge - Thread Depth Gauge
The Leitech Digi Gauge is a refined model of the Leitech High-Resolution Gauge. The Digi Gauge reveals the exact measurement on a digital screen. By using the Leitech Digi Gauge you can improve the accuracy of your measurement.

The resolution of the scale on Leitech Digi Gauge System is 0.01 mm / 0.0005''.

  • Digital reading
  • Quick reliable check of thread
  • Quality and thread depth in one single operation
  • RS 232 Opto connection option for statistical data processing wireless or by cable
  • Quick replacement of worn thread inserts with re-calibration of depth
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Up to 100% longer inserts, which gives maximum wearability
  • Crest of the first full thread on Go in accordance to Federal standard H28/6 which provide accurate depth reading

5 Advantages Of The Leitech Insert
  • The same insert is used in all our thread gauges.
  • Quick and easy replacement of a worn out insert.
  • The inserts are hardened and tempered to 62+/- 1HRc.
  • Our inserts are up to 100% longer, which gives a maximum wearability and the longest life at no extra cost.
  • The control of pitch errors is also optimised.

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