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Bowers Air Gauging is a fast, user friendly method of providing high precision results in even the most challenging of shop-floor environments. Using air
flow volumes and pressures to measure parts, Air Gauging is a reliable, repeatable technology well suited for applications that demand submicron
precision tolerancing.
Bowers Air Gauging technology is flexible; enabling measurement of not only dimensions, but geometric and relational 
characteristics, such as squareness, parallelism, ovality, taper and straightness.
The working range of our standard air gauge tooling is 0.08mm. For optimum accuracy, Bowers produce the Setting Masters at the Upper and
Lower product limits.

Air / Electronics Columns
  AEP 2045 PC2200
Display Type Tri-clolour bar / Digital numeric Tri-clolour bar / Digital numeric
User Interface Keypad Keypad or remote program (1)
Channels 1 1 or 2 depending on model
Memory Capability 16 Tooling Characteristics 4 Tooling Characteristics
Resolution Up to 0.0001mm Up to 0.0001mm
Relative/Absolute REL/ABS REL/ABS
Measuring Mode Static/Dynamic/TIR Static/Dynamic/TIR
Units mm or inch mm or inch
Direct RS232 Yes Yes
Data Collection On board (2) External
Connectivity USB RS232
Display Options
Tri-clolour bar / 
Digital Numeric Tolerance + Approach
Tri-clolour bar / 
Digital Numeric Tolerance + Approach
Auto Channel Recognition No No
Grading Yes Yes
Dimension (mm) (HxWxD) 500x60x200 450x57x215
Weight Approx (kg) 4.7 5
Power Requirements 230 VAC 50Hz 110/220 VAC 50Hz
(1) Additional parts / software required. (2) 1000 measurements. Download to Flash Drive via USB.

Bowers Air1/2 Features
  • TFT colour touch screen display 4,3'', resolution 480x272
  • Static or dynamic measurements (Max, Min, Max-Min Average, Median)
  • Analogue or digital display
  • 1 or 2 measurement configurations (2 characteristics)
  • Possibility to select automatically the characteristic by using the air gauge or by touching the screen
  • Relative or absolute display
  • Display resolution (up to 0.1μm)
  • Metric (mm or μm) or Imperial (Inches) measurement or DMS
  • Classification/Grading: Up to 16 classes with colour representation
  • RS232 port for communication with a PC
  • USB port for communication and/or power supply
  • USB Stick for data saving on a CSV file
  • Optional connection of M-Bus modules
  • Measurement transfer by pressing a key, footswitch input or retro-command on the RS232 port
  • Operating temperature: +15°C to +30°C
  • Power supply from 85 to 265 VAC by using the supplied main transformer (or by connecting it directly on your PC USB port, or through the 24 VDC screw terminal
  • Relative humidity: maximum 80%
  • Dimensions: width 130mm, height 111mm, depth 105mm
  • Mass: 600g (700g with the power supply)
D400S – Mulitfunctional Multichannel Features
The D400S allows users to display readings simultaneously
from multigauging applications. All of which offers readings for each
dimension, the MIN, MAX and DELTA.
  • 7'' touchscreen display and customizable display interface
  • Aluminium body
  • 12VDC/30VDC Power supply
  • RJ-45 Ethernet TCP4
  • USB host (for usb key) and USB device (virtual keyboard)
  • Footswitch
  • M-BUS
  • RS232
  • Static and dynamic (Mini, Maxi, Maxi-mini, Average, Median)
  • Trigonometrical measurements
  • Analogical and digital display
  • Manage up to 32 fixtures with automatic fixture detection by probe motion
  • Up to 32 characteristic by fixture
  • Up to 128 part references
  • Calibration mode
  • Individual probe display
  • Displays resolution up to 5 decimals E 7
  • SPC functions
  • Measurement transfer by USB or RS232
  • PLC programming

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