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 Special measuring instrument of small mandrel, tube, bushings, screws punch, mold punch, screws, fasteners, multi-stage shaft and other various parts etc…


Roller - Long lasting and wear resistance
For measuring OD, ID, , end of face deflection, inner and outer diameter concentricity testing and multi-stage deflection measurements.
X, Y axis slide table can be used for liner movement and positioning mesurement.
Easy to pick up and place workpiece, and save time, suitable for mass production testing.
Attached top press roller and stopper on the tailstock.


02 type roller - diameter capacity: Ø1~40 mm

Center Height Accuracy Standard / Precision Dimension Diameter Capacity Length Capacity Weight
80mm 4μm / 2μm 310 / 90 / 175 mm Ø4~40 5~100mm 5 / 8 kgs

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