6301D1 63 Series (Steel Base 5-80mm) Concentricity Gage Singapore Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Advanced Gauging Solutions Pte Ltd

 Special measuring instrument of small mandrel, tube, bushings, screws punch, mold punch, screws, fasteners, multi-stage shaft and other various parts etc…

  1. Stability when measuring
  2. Long lasting Roller
  3. OD, ID Concentricity measurement
  4. X and Y axis positioning measurement

Unit: mm

Center Height Accuracy
Standard / Precision
Dimension Diameter Capacity Length Capacity Weight
130 4μm / 2μm 445/256/260 Ø8~80 10~175 29.5
130 4μm / 2μm 525/315/330 Ø8~80 10~175 41

6302 Series diameter capacity :  Ø5~80 mm.

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